Membership - AE-PCOS

Active, Associate and Honorary

The Androgen Excess and PCOS Society has three categories of members: Active, Associate and Honorary.

The Society was founded with the purpose of fostering and focusing greater research in the area of androgen excess disorders research, and is committed to continuing these efforts.

Categories of membership / Annual Fees

Active Membership

Consistent with this goal, membership in the Active category in the Society is reserved to scientists and clinicians interested in the area of androgen physiology or androgen excess research.
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One of the principal aims of the Society is to educate and provide patients affected by androgen excess with the most up to date information regarding these disorders, thereby improving the diagnosis and care of women affected with these common and important disorders. Interested patients are encouraged to become members of the Society in the Associate category. This category is also reserved to in-training people and doctors from underdeveloped countries.
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Individuals who have evidenced superior capabilities in the field of androgen excess investigation may be nominated for Honorary membership.
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Corporate Membership

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